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Benefast is a family owned and operated business located in Nashville, Tennessee, just off of I-65 and Harding Place.  We have been in business for  20 years and have 30 years of working experience in servicing our customers. There are few applications or issues that we have not dealt with before and that makes us a valuable asset to work with.

What we do

Benefast is set up to supply specifically drywall and acoustic ceiling, residential or commercial, contractors with everything they use, except for the material itself (track,studs,grid,tile). That means screws, shots and pins, safety equipment, sanding/finishing materials, hangar wires, powder-actuated and gas tools, blades, cords, and many, many more items...

Benefast is service-based, which means that when you call with a need it is our priority to meet that need. We deliver quickly to any site in the Middle Tennesee area, and make some trips to East and West Tennesee, Southern Kentucky, or Alabama. We also ship via UPS or Trucking Company to anywhere in the United States the same day we get the order. When odd applications come up Benefast is able to help decide the best, quickest, and most effective approach to get the job done right, which saves on labor, time, and money. Our goal is to provide excellent service and products in a consisent and helpful way. Benefast works together with our customers to build long-term relationships with a mutual benefit.

At Benefast, we guarantee:

o    Fast, friendly service

o    The best products on the market

o    Working knowledge of everything we sell 

o    Honesty, integrity, and great value

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Benefast, Inc.
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