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Your One-Stop-Shop for:

v  Ramset Powder Actuated Tools, Pins, and Loads

v  Ramset Gas-Powered Trakfast, T3MAG, or GypFast: Tools, Pins, Fuel, and Accessories

v  Simpson Anchors, Bits, Epoxy, Titen(Tapcon) Screws

v  Fire Caulk, Pecora, Sound Sealant, Spray Glue, Clear Paint, Epoxy, and other Adhesives

v  High-Quality Drywall Screws: Self-Drilling, Sharp Point, Framing, Hex-Head, Coarse Thread, and Ply-Metal, Tek #5

v  Tension Pins, Fence Staples, Drywall Nails, Maze Nails

v  Acoustical Ceiling Hangar Wires: From 4ft. to 20ft., we fabricate wire assemblies to meet the customer’s needs. We sell straight or pre-tied wire with: a Standard or Power Point Pin and Clip Assy., Purlin Clip, 90° Clip, Clip & Screw Assy., or any other attachment

v  Ceiling Poles for Viper, Lag Screws, Purlins, Hex Screws

v  Blue Mesh Tape, Painter’s Tape, Typar Tape, Red Sheathing Tape

v  Typar MetrowrapAir & Water Barrier (Superior to Tyvek), Plastic Cap Washers

v  Chopsaw Blades, Slugger Saw Blades, Sawzall Blades, Metabo Slicer Blade

v  Sanding Sponges(Angled/Regular), SandPaper, Porter Cable Pads, Floor Sander Discs, Dust Masks

v  Scaffolds, Drywall Carts, Casters, Walkboards

v  Safety Harnesses, Retractable Lifelines, Robe Grabs, Hard Hats, Face Shields, Beamwalker

v  Nuts, Bolts, All-Thread, Uni-Strut

v  Extension Cords, Halogen Lights, GFCI Adapters,

v  Lasers: PLS-3, PLS-5, PLS-360, PLS-HVR505(Rotating), Ramset RL2+

v  Floor Sweep, Hand Tools, Power Tools, T-50 Staples, Poly, Carpet Mask, Sticky Mats

At Benefast, we stand by all the products and services offered.  With 30 years of experience, we have built a reputation for providing superior products to contractors that are looking for cost effective & labor saving opportunities. Our knowledge and service are unmatched, and most items can be delivered or shipped the same day they are ordered



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