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ReVia for Blocking the Effects of Narcotic Drugs and Alcohol


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ReVia is a Naltrexone and is often taken to stop the effects of other narcotic drugs and alcohol. It is very effective in the treatment of addiction from drug abuse and excessive alcohol consumption. It helps in thwarting the cravings that develop due to constant use of drugs and alcohol and therefore is a pretty great remedy in getting patients back to their earlier sober stage. ReVia acts by binding the endorphin receptors in the body and thereby blocks the effects and the resultant feeling or craving for drugs and alcohol.

It also checks further drinking although you may again get hooked to drugs or alcohol later on. Hence, it should be taken for restricting cravings within you while you must maintain some discipline to abstain from drugs or alcohol in the long run.

ReVia is one of the brand names for Naltrexone as is generally known to come in the form of tablets for oral consumption. If you are thinking of taking your first step to stop drinking then ReVia is highly suitable as it helps you to maintain sobriety. It is from this instance that you should think seriously as to whether you can stop your addiction to your drinking and drug abuse habits. In this way, it effectively checks further abuse.

Is ReVia a Permanent Cure for Addiction?

Although ReVia is very effective to stop a person from taking drugs due to their inner cravings it is not a permanent cure. It is more likely that you may need to take some self-imposed disciplinary steps to avoid drugs or alcohol altogether. However, ReVia intake can reduce the effects of Opioid medicines including pain relief and the state of well-being that is associated with drug abuse.

ReVia will not decrease the effects of alcohol that you have already consumed. It is for this reason that you need to take precautions so that you know the best time to take the medication. Since revia medication can lead to serious side effects it is always better to consult your doctor before taking it. In addition, ReVia is a prescription drug and no pharmacies are allowed to sell it unless they have the license to do so.

Again, your doctor will not allow you to take the medicine if you have liver failure or active hepatitis. In case you are currently addicted to alcohol or opioids or suffering from withdrawal symptoms you mustn’t take the drug unless your doctor says so. Your doctor may refuse to recommend the medication for other different reasons.

Side Effects

You may need emergency help if you have a loss of appetite, dark urine, yellowing of eyes or skin, stomach pain, severe nausea, etc. You may be refrained from taking the medicine if you have difficulty in breathing, swelling on your face, lips, throat, or body aches, depression, or restlessness.

Confusion, hallucinations, and mood changes can occur along with drowsiness and you may suffer from insomnia. In all such cases, your doctor will ask you to stop the drug and recommend some other milder medicine.

Intake of ReVia during pregnancy or an overdose can be life-threatening and your baby or you may suffer from withdrawal symptoms.