Trimaco Dirt Trapper Ultra Sticky Mat Blue 24″ x 36″ 1267 (30 Layer 4pk)



    Trimaco’s Dirt Trapper Ultra Sticky Mat is the perfect solution to reduce tracking on the job. When placed inside jobsite or work area entrances, the sticky mat traps dirt, dust and contaminants from shoes, boots, hand trucks and carts. Our starter kit contains a 26 x 32 non-skid frame and includes a 30 layer 24 x 30 mat. Just peel the dirty layer off to reveal a new, clean sheet underneath. The durable non-skid frame will hold up to the toughest use and can be refilled with additional sticky sheets, which are available in 15 and 30 sheet counts. 4pks do not need a frame.

    • Reduces job site tracking from shoes and wheels
    • Protects floors from dirt, dust and contaminants
    • Great for all entryways

Premium 14 day crepe paper tape that can be applied inside or outside on stained or painted surfaces. Best for primed or painted drywall. Removes cleanly and easily even if exposed to direct sunlight. WARNING: Test tape overnight on a discrete surface before applying to entire surface.

Weight 8 lbs

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Weight 8 lbs