STI Firestop Protects Buildings

Protect Your Building with STI Firestop

Fire protection is important. It needs to be a consideration for a structure at every point in the building’s lifespan. Benefast is proud to offer firestop products from STI for everything from new construction to older buildings.

But why do we choose to offer STI’s products? Here’s what you need to know.

About STI

Special Technologies Inc (STI) is an industry leader in fire protection systems. They created a plethora of products that help stop the spread of fire, smoke, as well as hot gases. STI has worked with the construction industry for 25 years to find solutions to complex fire safety issues. There are a number of items and circumstances in an industrial setting that can lead to fire danger. STI works to minimize these risks to keep the building safe from any possible catastrophes.

STI’s products are engineered to be user-driven. It’s important to offer safety products that are easy to apply. This reduces the risk of error. And when it comes to potential fire danger, an error can be extremely costly. Their products are perfect for use on new constructions as well as to retrofit older materials.

Their scale and reliability is a result of the fact that stopping fires is their only concern. They don’t split their attention between this and other services. This means STI Firestop products are engineered to the highest quality and are fully tested.

STI is a worldwide company that helps avoid catastrophes from accidental fires. Benefast is proud to offer STI Firestop products to our customers.

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The Need for Firestop

Fires are a danger throughout the entire life of a building. A fire can take the structure down from the moment construction begins. And once the building is complete, the fire danger only grows with the inset of electrical materials, human interference, and gas lines. These problems can start small and grow large in a short amount of time.

In fact, a two-story house can go up in flames in about four minutes. This can start with a mere spark and turn catastrophic.

Construction sites often provide the raw materials needed to start a fire. And as the construction process continues, more flammable materials are introduced. There needs to be systems in place that can slow or stop the progression of a fire should it begin.

How STI Firestop Helps

Fire survives through the persistence of three basic elements: Heat, oxygen, and fuel. This fuel can take the form of anything flammable — wood, upholstery, clothing, etc. And once these elements are present and a source of ignition is set off, the fire will continue until one of the three basic elements is eliminated.

The systems to stop the spread of dangerous fires begins early in the construction process. STI Firestop offers a wide range of products that can halt or slow the progression of a fire. This allows more time for those in danger to evacuate while also diminishing the spread of damaging smoke and flames.

Caulk and Sealant

Caulks and sealants are a great way to close up the spaces often left open around pipes, ductwork, and tubing. These spaces might seem mostly harmless, but they can provide a necessary airway for fires to spread. Even a very small space allows the passage of oxygen that can feed a fire.

These small spaces also serve to give the fire another space to occupy. It doesn’t take much space for a fire to move from one room into another. And the larger it grows, the more difficult it is to stop. The cracks and seams along pipes and such also allow smoke to filter through. Smoke inhalation is extremely dangerous. Smoke can also leave behind extensive damage to anything it comes in contact with.

Sleeves and Collars

There are materials used in the construction and operation of buildings that are combustible. These materials will become engulfed in flames. They will not stop the progression of the fire. This includes materials like PVC pipes. Firestop collars and sleeves are a way to address these vulnerabilities within otherwise non-permeable walls.

Firestop sleeves and collars work to seal off holes created by pipes and wires. A PVC pipe, for instance, will grow hot and melt. The collar crushes in to fill the remaining hole when this happens. This stops the progression of the fire as well as the movement of the smoke.

Why Benefast Offers STI Firestop

Benefast offers everything Nashville needs to complete a safe and successful construction project. This includes everything from building materials to STI Firestop options. These fire safety products might not be the first items that come to mind when it comes to building construction, but they are incredibly important. Benefast is proud to offer products from Special Technologies Inc because we work to offer our customers the best options available.

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