Ramset Tool Repair

We are an authorized “Warranty Repair Center” for Ramset. We stock parts and fix all models of Ramset gas and powder actuated tools. Loyal customers that buy all their fasteners and supplies from us often qualify for FREE tool repair, even after the warranty is expired.

List of tools we repair on a daily basis:

 T3MAG  R25
 T3SS  Cobra
 TF1200  Cobra Plus
 Gypfast  D-60
 Insulfast  XT-540
Ramset Tool Repair

Tool Repair Process:

  1. Send it in!
    Contact us and we will provide a shipping label for UPS or USPS to get your tool to our shop.
  2. Estimate!
    Within 1-2 business days of receipt of the tool, we will provide an estimate of charges for repair
  3. Repair!
    Once we have received approval, we will proceed with the repair. This typically will take 1 business day, as we have already diagnosed the issue.
  4. Testing!
    Each repaired tool is tested thoroughly to ensure you will receive a functional tool back
  5. Finalize!
    We will contact you for payment for the repair. Once payment is received we will send your tool back to you.

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