Simpson MSSC4.25KW Kneewall Connector Clip w/ Bearing Plates (20 each/box)


MSSC connectors are designed to work in tandem with Simpson Strong-Tie® BP1/2-3 bearing plates to provide solutions for moment-resisting kneewall lighter-duty applications.

Key Features

  • One simple custom hole pattern for each stud size simplifies specification and installation
  • 3/8″-diameter anchor bolt location enables easy tool access


  • MSSC — 97 mil (50 ksi); BP — 229 mil (33 ksi)


  • MSSC – galvanized (G90); BP – none


  • Use all specified fasteners/anchors
  • Install BP1/2-3 bearing plate over anchor leg of MSSC connectors as shown in the illustrations
Weight 24 lbs

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